Fast Charging 18W 3Amp USB Power Adapter + 1M (3.28ft.) MFI Lighting Cable

Smart IC (Integrated Circuitry): detects and determines the best charging for your device. Charge almost any USB charging Device faster, from older to newer devices, see increased charge times over old 1Amp chargers as many non-quick charge devices can be charged at up to 2.4Amps. Wide Compatibility Works with both Android and Apple devices. Works with the latest technology built into newer devices like Quick Charge 3.0/2.0 and Fast Charge Compatible devices for up to 3X or higher faster-charging performance at up to 3.0Amps. Multiple device Safety protection built into the device; Over-Voltage, Over-Current, Over-Temp, Short-Circuit Protection and made of Fire-resistant Materials. This Fast Charger always stays cool even at Max load. Slows down at the end of charge to protect battery life. Multi-voltage compatible smart charger 100-240 Volt 50/60Hz input with the output of 5V 3Amps, 9V 2Amps, and 12V 1Amp. For best results please use CONNECTTRON High Amp cables or similar 2.4-5Amp support cables. (Includes Charger and MFI Lightning cable for iPod, iPad, and iPhone)

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  • Using the latest fast charge technology, reach speeds up to 3 times faster than standard slow 1Amp Adapters
  • Charge any USB device faster, from older products to newer, see increased charge times
  • Multiple device protection; Over-Voltage Protection, Over-Current Protection, Over-Temp Protection, Short-Circuit Protection, shielded and made of a fire-resistant material
  • Intelligent circuitry with built-in voltage sensing improves performance and protects battery life
  • Works with the latest QC and other fast charging technologies built into newer devices
  • Includes 1M (3.28ft.) 1M (3.28 ft.) [Apple MFi Certified] Fast Charge and Sync Cable

Key Features


  • Smart Integrated Circuit Technology
  • Smart IC technology determines the fastest and most safe charging speed for any connectted device

Multiple device protection

  • Over-Voltage Protection
  • Over-Current Protection
  • Over-Temp Protection
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • Double Insulated Protection
  • Made of fire-resistant material
  • FCC Certified emitting no harmful Interference
  • RoHs Compliance containing no hazardous substances


  • Auto detects and charge (including Android and Apple phones), Works with newer Quick Charge and Fast charging technologies as well as charges all standard USB-powered devices with faster charging over standard 1Amp chargers
  • Works with technology in newer mobile devices like Quick Charge 3.0, Quick 2.0 and Fast Charge for even faster charging times